If you are a student or teacher of a particular international school and would like to share your views about your school with student and teacher commuinty all around the world , you are most welcome to do that here. An example is given and you can write your own way in the contact section.

Thank you in advance!

 This is only a Sample Comment:

I have been teaching in XXXXXX International schools for over 19 years and have worked for several directors and principals. This school is in a Country that is up and coming. For a school that is 10 years old, they have been continually expanding and developing. Andrew Holand the Director has been a fair and kind Director. He listens to the problems of the teachers and tries to assist where he can. This is a “challenging” Country and not the easiest to adjust to and work in.

I work for the Primary school and have a daughter in the Early Years program. The new Early Years Learning building and program is by far one of the best facilities and programs in the world, and it being my area of expertise, I would challenge anyone to differ. It is fantastic! The school has abundant resources and I have never been turned down for an order.

I work in the Primary School and being a true International School Review critic that I am, and working for many of the “old boys’ club” members over the years, it is my pleasure to recommend David Alex as the principal that you would want to work for. Not only is he very knowledgeable on curriculum, but he is fair and honest as the day is long. He doesn’t play favorites and acknowledges hard work and effort where needed. I would work for him in whatever school he is in. A great leader. He empowers others, which is rare in the International school setting.

The staff are very professional, friendly and the package is hard to beat. Housing has been the “bane of everyone existence” for a while now, but new housing regulations have allowed the teachers to move into fabulous apartments.

You may not have heard of this school, but it is not one to miss! Expectations are high, but if you have children, you will be happy they are here. Baku, may not be well known to you now, but in the future the oil and other natural resources will call your attention to here. Again, I can’t recommend any principal higher than David Alex and for your young child, The Early Years Learning Center.

If you get an offer this year, you better take it!

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